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Virtual Reality Headsets are your gear to jump into the future


Virtual Reality may look something straight out of science fiction but the reality is slightly different and not that everyone knows. For example did you know that the first time that this technology was created and enveloped was as early as in the 1920s?

Yes it was for a flight stimulator. But something went wrong in the decade that was 1990s. The Virtual Reality headsets were a big flop during this particular decade and a lot of it is attributed to the steep price tag that the devices had. Also, people did not believe that such technology could make it big and sell well. it was probably thought that the hype would die down soon and there would be no takers for the devices. There was a lull in the research and development of the devices in this time and slowly by the beginning of the millennium things started looking up and how is now just history!

Here is where can I BUY the VR Shinecon model?

If you are looking to buy this model and brand of VR, it is highly recommended that you shop online on various shopping websites where you are sure to get amazing discounts and seasonal offers. We recommend strongly that you do a string of research before you zero in on the right model and the perfect price that suits your budget. In the meantime if you find the price that is good for you during the seasonal sale period you may want to pick it up before they are stocked out.

Would you want to know how affordable is Oculus Rift $$$ ??

In 2014, when Facebook took over the company Oculus, the world was sure that the consumers were sure to benefit from this $ 2 billion deal. The rift will be affordable and compatible with even low end PCs. The company seeks o do this by coming out with a version with the minimum specifications in order to run VR rift on the low end PCs.

Which is the best VR Headset for Iphone 6 plus?

A lot of VR gears are there for the apple software which is also world class in its appeal. Here is a quick list of all the VR gears that are great to use with iOS:

1. Google Cardboard

2. Carl Zeiss VR one GX

3. View Master DLX VR


5. Teponin 3D VR Glasses

6. Homido VR Headset

7. FreeflyVR

How good are the controlers made by Oculus Touch?

The announcement made by Oculus and Facebook that they would downsize the specifications of the Oculus in order to make it more affordable for large scale users and also be compatible for low end PCs was exciting only for a few days. After which the consumers felt that it lacked the fun quotient and shoved it behind them and started looking for a better and more-rounder experience.

The latest controllers yet to hit the shelves right after the holiday season are:

* Motion tracking up to six degrees

* It boasts of additional camera sensors

* It works on two AA batteries

* Less weight so it does not feel too heavy

* Price is pegged at lower than $200 but extra camera sensor will cost up to $80.